Hello Everyone! I'm not sure how many of you, or if anyone at all has been back tot he old page. Just in case, I wanted to stop back and remind you that I've opened an Etsy shop and will soon be removing this blog. I've also left the Early Work Mercantile group. I was sad to have to leave, but I just couldn't keep up. 
Anyway, on Wednesday June 7th at 1 pm eastern time I will list some new bears in my new Etsy shop. Now, my Etsy shop is called Button Box Mercantile. When I opened that shop, the name The Button Box was already taken. You'll know it's my shop by the cover photo, you for sure tell that it's my work. If you can stop by, be sure to "Favorite" my shop. It'll make it easier to find me and keep you informed of new listings and news that I post. I want to Thank each one of you for shopping this blog page over the years. Blessings to all~ Lynn

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