Hello everyone! If you see something you'd like to have, please send me an email at thebuttonbox@twc.com Click on the email link highlighted in blue and an email should pop up for you. . Please include the name or number of the item you'd like, your zip code and how you wish to pay.
   I do believe this will be the last update on the blog page. I'm opening a new Etsy shop and I think it will make things easier for all of us! I will have 7 of the sweetest little "Mercantile" dolls for sale , on the new Etsy page very soon. All the info will be posted on this blog, on Facebook and if you're on my email list, you will also get an email with all the new Etsy shop info. Thank you all for stopping by!

                                                              Wee~est Rabbits
                                ALL WEE~EST RABBITS ARE SOLD~
                                           THANK YOU ALL!!!

                                             First up are these sweet, tiny ,adorable rabbit Wee~est rabbits are just 6.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches at their widest ( across their bellies). They're heavily aged and do stand on their own. They each have a sweet wool tail, little twig arms and legs, sweet little whiskers( you'll need to "fluff" them after you receive them). I love the tiny baskets that are wired to their arms and filled with a titch of flax. Each comes with a tiny blue bow tied around their necks. I have not named or numbered these individually as they're all so close to looking the same as one another. I have 10 of these today and will make more at a later date if the demand is there.

These Wee~est rabbits will be signed and dated. There will be a small tag in the bottom of the baskets (inside) with The Button Box 2017 printed on them.

These sweet little guys are $19 each plus shipping.

Mercantile Rabbits

These sweet rabbits are posted with a number above each one. Thats what you will request them by when ordering. I have 5 of these ladies available. They stand 14.5 inches tall, they DO NOT stand on their own. They're made to lean or prop.
Each Mercantile Rabbit has a dress of either good, quality cotton or a wonderful flannel.They also wear a lightly aged tobacco cloth smock and an apron on either linen or the best black wool and tied with some aged ribbon. They each carry a sweet teeny basket with some flax tucked inside.
 Their faces are stitched and they have a sweet wool tail. Each rabbit comes with a printed Button Box tag sewn to the back of their dress. When ordering , please state what number doll you want.Mercantile rabbits are $29each

                                              \ Rabbit #1

                                     Mercantile Rabbit #2


Mercantile Rabbit #3

                                                  Mercantile Rabbit #4

                                    Mercantile Rabbit #5

Thank you for stopping by!



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