Hello Everyone! I'm stopping by to say that I will have an update this coming week. Three Santa's and 4 Snowmen will be available. I won't be taking orders from this update as I will be starting right in on another update, I'm planning on having a couple more after this week so stay tuned...good stuff is coming! Have a fun weekend! Blessings ~ Lynn

Hello Everyone! I will be posting 2 sweet Santa dolls tomorrow afternoon on Early Work Mercantile. I also hope to have a small update before Thanksgiving...Do stop by if you can ! Blessings~ Lynn



I hope this note finds you all doing well on this fine Friday. I've been very busy creating some wonderful new  holiday wares for you.
This evening, Friday, October 14th at  7:30 eastern time, I will be updating my page on Early Work Mercantile.
I will have some wonderful , hanging snowmen, Santa's and one sweet angel and a couple of very Wee Bears. If you are able to join this evening's update and choose to purchase, please bear with me as sometimes these updates get very busy and it takes awhile for me to sort through all of the emails to see whom was the first to request each hand made. I would hate to make a mistake!
If you are new to my updates, there will be a link for my email at the top of my EWM page. You will be able to click on that to place an order.Sometimes things sell out quickly, but I do have at least 11 treasures to offer tonight.
Until then, I wish you all a peaceful  day ~
The Button Box
 Just listed on my Giving Back page..The Wanderer..

Hello Everyone! If you would like to order from tonight's update, please email me at thebuttonbox@twc.com  . Please be sure to include your zip code and how you wish to pay. I accept PAYPAL, check and money order. Please note that orders will be held until checks clear. 
 I have suggested in past updates, if you have a second choice doll, include that in your email. That way if your first choice is gone, you may still have a shot  at another doll. Just a thought.  Please be certain that you want an item before you email me wishing to purchase. Thank you all so much for stopping by....Blessings ~ Lynn

ALL DOLLS ARE NOW SOLD~ Thank you everyone, for stopping by!
Night Owl Mercantile
This beautiful lady is a hefty girl measuring 27 inches long. Partially rag stuffed and heavy,
Her head is made from a sturdy feed sack fabric that's been painted, sanded and stained . Her face is stitched and she has a real, dried pumpkin stem. Her dress is a heavy, lightly aged , blue cotton with matching pants. She has a naively stitched , aged brown sweater  and an antique button and matching , laced boots.  

I love her Mercantile patch sewn to her dress! She just has the best face with lots of texture !
She comes with that preserved clump of white oak leaves.
Comes signed and dated. Not meant for wee hands. $74 plus shipping.

Pumpkin Patch
This beauty also measures in at 27 inches. She's partially rag stuffed and has a good weighted feel.
Her head is made from old flour sack fabric and stitched with a dried pumpkin stem.
She wears the nicest,aged brown and creme dress made from heavy weight cotton. She wears matching pants and a wonderful old and naively stitched beige sweater with matching, laced booties. 

I added a sweet, aged pumpkin patch and her sweater is kept closed by a piece of rusted wire and a wee bell. She has aged roving wool around the neckline and an antique shoe button.
This sweet doll comes with a clump of preserved, white oak leaves.
Not meant for wee hands. Comes signed and dated.
$74 plus shipping

Wee Pumpkin Dolls
 I love these dolls. They are so simple and sweet. Each doll measure 17-18 inches tall. Each doll's head is made from painted, sanded and aged osnaburg that's been rubbed down with spices. Their faces are hand stitched. Their limbs are heavily aged and naively but securely attached with aged cotton string.  Each doll's body is rag stuffed  (fabric scraps) and is somewhat pose-able by squishing or slouching by hand.Each wears a skirt and apron. All of them are dressed in beige's ,blacks, blue's or browns. Each doll has a wooden tag with either a letter "p" for pumpkin, a letter "f" for fall or a "j' for Jack. Some have glass bead buttons,some have vintage buttons or a rustic metal embellishment. There are 4 orange and 4 dirty white dolls. Each doll is signed and dated on the back of their tag. Each doll comes with a sprig of preserved oak leaves.
Not meant for wee hands. Each doll is $42 plus shipping. Please state the number of the doll when ordering. I really loved making these wee ones.  I wanted to make some black, but there's never enough time! 
Wee Pumpkin #1
Has a wee metal bell on her chest along with a paper and wooden tag.
Wee  #2

Has a wee bell attached to her chest along with a paper and wooden tag.

Wee #3

has a rustic pin attached to her chest along with a paper and wooden tag.

Wee #4

Has an old reproduction pin attached to her chest along with a
paper and wood tag.
Wee #5

Just a close up of #5

Wee #6

Wee #7

Wee #8

 Thank you for stopping by !